Tank Painting. War Art Series No.4

Hello Rebecca Cother here.

Back for another eyeball tickling time lapse painting.

In this video I am carrying on with my Remembrance Series.

This is the fifth painting in that series.

And this idea I am exploring how nature canreclaim back its landscape after a war has left it obliterated.

It follows on nicely from the second painting in the series which was called'In the Saddest of Soils, Flowers Do Grow' and if you've seen the video to that paintingyou'll have heard me talking about how poppies sprang up everywhere in the free soil thatwas left but I really like the idea that how the machinerythat may have been left behind that you can probably still find in certainparts of the woodland how it might be taken back over by natureand I'm actually including in the little gun turretyou can see the little bird in its nest and the little bird I had in a previous paintingcalled 'A Song For Both Sides'which is also in the series I thought it was a nice little tie in So I'm going over now with the watercolourpaints I usually put masking fluid over the sectionsthat I want to paint with the watercolours and so then when I'm adding my spray paintsit doesn't spoil the paper and you can paint over them nicely So I'm including all bits of moss and ivyadding rust that would obviously happened to the tankOne of the wheel treads are broken as well underneath the tank The first painting in this series unfortunatelypre-dates my filming.

That was called 'I thought I heard you whistle'and that was on a little canvas That started of my series followed bythe recreation of the famous kiss in Times Squarewhich I called 'A Kiss To Build A Dream On' Then after this tank picture will come'Longing For Your Return' Followed by the last painting in the serieswhich was 'He Preferred Daisies'If you'd like to see any of those paintings in the videos I will put links on at the end.

Or you can go to my YouTube channel and scroll back through them.

I thought I would add on a couple more treesto balance out the picture and then lots more flowersyou can never have too many flowers If you've enjoyed watching this series pleaseleave me a comment below or give this video a big thumbs up.

Just finishing up now putting on some shadowsI'm going to get out the big Posca pen in a minute and really get a nice shadow underneaththe tank Obviously in the daylight it would be quitedark under there There we go.

Here we are look I was really pleased with that shadow So I'm calling this 'Under New Occupation'.