Nail Art – New Years Clock Face – Mirror Chrome & Chameleon Chrome Design

So now we are going to do the thumb I am going to put on Swat Team and we aregonna do two coats of this.

to make it nice and black.

We are gonna pop that into thelamp, two minutes in the UV One Minute for LED So that is two coats, i am now going to puton Mega Gloss to seal that in.

I need to make sure that i Cap, Pop that in the lamp So i am gonna use the chrome powder first.

Don't need to go to the edge, dust off any excess.

Get your detailing brush and thenwe are gonna use mega gloss and we are gonn do the hands of the clock.

A dot in the centre, short hand, then we aregonna do the big hand just before midnight.

when everyone is getting ready to party, flashcure that in the lamp.

pop that in the lamp, so there are some numberthere, just the, quarter past, half past, quarter too and o'clock numbers.

Then with the holographic that we mixed earlier,i am gonna edge it.

i am gonna do the outside pop that into the lamp, give that a full cure.

now that is cured i am gona wipe over withthe gel residue wipe off solution to wipe off everything else that doesn't need to beon there.

to reveal that design.

make sure you have got it all off.

becauseyou dont want to seal any of those particles in that don't need to b in there.

let me justtry something, let me just try, i don't know if this will work, i am going to try and rubin some chrome powder on top of this now we have wiped it.

oh my god it works.

we don't need to put moremega gloss on, oh my god.

how goods that, gonna seal that in now, and it brings outthat blue so much more it really does.

I am gonna cure that in the lamp.

now what we aregonna do is we are gonna use some sculpture gel and we are gonna put some micro beadson and some stones.

So with the dotting tool.

i am gonna put someof the sculpture gel around the outside, this stuff hols on anything, it will keep it onfor a long long time This is where i make a mess again.

You did very well yesterday Just so clumsy though, i don't know what'sup with me, i have never been like this before.

Not all of my life.

Old age Old Age, is that what you just said.

Old Age Just gonna put one at the top and the bottom,just to give that clock a little bit more detail.

What do you do on New Years Eve Adam? I msure everyone is thinking, what do you do.

Well being in Restuarants for so many yearsi used to work every New Years Eve, i had a series of New Years Eves where i went outclubbing and partying when i was like what 21 to about 25.

but now well like for instancethis year Hayley, she's gonna be at work That's Adams Wife Kirsty is not my wife I am not his wife and neither is JJ, no noneof the models are adams wife.

Hayley is his wife.

So go on then.

So yeah, she will be working, because sheworks in a restaurant still.

our family business.

And i will be at home with Isaac.

And i will be going to KIdsgrove AthleticFootball Club with the kids, because we have a big party.

I need that in my life.

It's great because they have a separate roomfor the kids.

We just push the kids in the cupboard andwe time the door with rope.

Yeah and everyone has a great time.

Cure that.

I am gonna seal this now with Mega Gloss.

And that will just hold everything on a little bit tighter and make it last longer, it isgonna secure everything a little bit more, and it is gonna keep the shine and the colourof the microbeads pop that into the lamp.

So i am gonna finish this nail off with cuticleoil, these cuticles definitely need because they are so dry and bitten and flaky.

There you are, there is the whole look withthe clock and the London Skyline on New Years Eve.

I hope you have enjoyed that new years evetutorial if you did give us a thumbs up, don't forgt all of the products we've used todayare in the description box below.

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Happy New Yenjadkjbsjssasda Happy New Year everybody.

BYEEEEEE Brilliant.

You did that whole thing and F&*ked the easybit which hand is it? the big hand.

Big hand isminutes.

So we do the big hand just before midnight,can't do them overlapping because it look.

Just before midnight and the little hand atmidnight I can't believe i just had to ask you that.