Autumn Leaves || DIY Fall Wall Art Painting on Cardboard

Craft table Autumn leaves Collect the leaves of trees or flowers Press with them eg.

Between the pages of a book, under the weight of Old notepad background cardboard Prime Gesso to make cardboard 1 horizontal and 1 vertical layer Paint the cardboard with acrylic paints I used to paint the fungus I painted gradient yellow to orange to dark orange Design magazines Places Glue them yleisliimalla (Different Keeper) Frame it flat!.

Day #4 | 25 Days of Manis – DIY Christmas Nail Art Design

hi welcome back to date for 25 days of nail art where i show you a brand-new and nail art design every day all the way up to Christmas if you have seen this snail series before I definitely encourage you to check out the first video in the nail art series and follow your way all the way up to this video there is a male our contest in one of the video let's get right into the classic gold and white nail art design that i created for you today I'm using sinful colors social leader s he's getting groovy SES blanc and a large dotting tool i start out by painting my nails one coat of social leader looking back I should have probably done to using my large dotting tool I'm going to start my Datuk your pattern getting groovy i simply create two pairs of gold dot that completely makeup across now going in with my white i'm going to fill in the remaining space that looks like the pattern of a number 5 Domino I had to clean up my skin with a little acetone and a square tip brush and here's what the finished manicure looks like when it's done i love the way this manicure look with the design just on my accent finger and I know the design will look amazing on all 10 I wonder who's gonna give it a trunk if you are loving this nail art series make sure you leave a thumbs out thank you so much for sharing your day with me i hope i get to see you tomorrow find out wednesday not thursday friday and saturday you.