Graduate Art at ArtCenter College of Design

(classical music) – Humanity has producedsignificant and signifying objects that mean something to culture.

Art has always beenimportant to society as a method of communication andas a method of talking about complex ideas.

– This program isn't say,for example, a program where they break things up intoparticular mediums like painting, sculpture, photography, that it's interdisciplinary.

If you're interested inexperimenting and trying mediums that are outside of your practice, I think it's a wonderful place.

– [Diana] The idea in graduateart is that we combine method and materials with concept and content.

We're interested incorporatingthought about other fields into art and we'reinterested in artists who want to do that.

– As soon as you get herethey assign you a studio and you get the choicedepending on what kind of work you want to do.

It's really nice to have sucha big space that's your own.

– I guess one key thingwe get at our center is that people have to write a thesis, people have to do a thesis exhibition.

You get an ability to discuss your work, describe your work inrelation to current ideas from philosophy and critical theory.

– Artists need communityin order to remain part of a dialogue about contemporaryart and they need to find out if they're communicatingtheir ideas successfully.

Every student is required totake a Crit class every term.

– It's the only class whereall the students participate in the critique so it givesthem a voice that they can critique their fellow mates.

– We get a lot of attentionnow, you can't really hide out.

I guess you could ifyou wanted to but why, why would you in this environment? – When you want to showyour work at the galleries people talk instead ofyou, so here when you have the to talk with them thenyou can reach this point in which where you canexplain your work which makes it more maybe visceral.

– [Shingo] You get tolisten to what a group of people encountering yourwork without knowing anything about it might think, which is invaluable.

– We have had a Tuesdaynight visiting artist lecture series, an artistwho comes in for a lecture will also do a day of studiovisits so the students have the opportunity notonly to hear about that artist's work but totalk to them one on one.

– [Lita] The student's get alot of input from curators, museum directors, critics, writers, the expansion of knowledgeand information that you get I mean you just don't have that anywhere.

– It's very good to allowthe faculty and your peers of course, to influence youand understand that this is a collective effort toremind you that everybody's here to push you and to challenge you.

– [Shingo] I've seen my workexpand in various directions and my desire to experiment,my desire to work in different mediums have been met.

You are investing a lotin being in this program, you're investing in yourselfand that's really important.

– We expect them to have acuriosity and a work ethic that inspires them.

We want them to see whatit means to be a real engaged artist, an artistengaged with the world, with the contemporary art world.

– [Lita] It's great to be inthis community of thinking, you understand the differentthoughts that have come and you also try andsurpass what has been done.

You become part of thisriver of creative thought about the visual language.