Autumn Leaves || DIY Fall Wall Art Painting on Cardboard

Craft table Autumn leaves Collect the leaves of trees or flowers Press with them eg.

Between the pages of a book, under the weight of Old notepad background cardboard Prime Gesso to make cardboard 1 horizontal and 1 vertical layer Paint the cardboard with acrylic paints I used to paint the fungus I painted gradient yellow to orange to dark orange Design magazines Places Glue them yleisliimalla (Different Keeper) Frame it flat!.

Water Mixable Oil Painting || First Impression

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to try oil painting andsince I usually paint with watercolor and acrylics, I thought it would be easiest tostart with water soluble oil paints.

So, I got this starter kit as a Christmaspresent.

It's called Marie's water mixable oil colorstudio set.

There's 12 basic colors and also a small bottleof water mixable linseed oil.

When you use water soluble oil paints, youcan clean the brushes with water and soap instead of using turpentine or turpenoid.

You can also dilute water soluble oil paintswith water, but it's recommended to use linseed oil instead.

You can paint on canvas or cardboard and Itried both.

I primed the cardboard with gesso.

Two layers.

I used my acrylic gesso, which works for bothacrylic painting and oil painting.

You also need something for mixing your paint.

I've seen many oil painters use the glassof a picture frame or you could use a wood palette.

I just wanted to try out some of the colorsfirst and how they blend straight from the tube or with water.

And then I made my first actual oil paintingon canvas.

I wanted to paint something easy at firstso I used an old lily sketch and transferred that onto this small, square canvas.

Then I made an underpainting of just the outlinesin brown acrylic paint so that the underpainting would dry fast.

Then I started painting with oils.

The paint was really thick and I tried dilutingit with water, but it didn't help much.

Then I tried diluting the paint with linseedoil and it was much better.

It was so much smoother and easier to blendthe paint.

I used a dry brush for blending.

One problem I had was that oil paints arereally shiny and I was painting with the canvas flat on the table at first, but the glarewas so bad I had to put the painting upright on an easel eventually.

Before painting, I read the oil paint sectionsfrom my art books and watched some oil painting tutorials.

One thing I was confused about was the fatover lean rule.

I thought it meant that the first layer shouldhave less paint and then the next layer should be thicker, but actually it's not about that.

It's about the amount of oil.

So each new layer has to have more oil, becauseoil dries slower.

So either you put paint thinner in the firstlayer.

With traditional oils that would be turpenoidor turpentine.

And then in the next layer you need to havemore oil so you could leave out the solvent or start adding oil like linseed oil.

I made two oil paint layers for this painting.

And I already added linseed oil to the firstlayer and I don't really have any solvent, because I tried water and didn't like it.

So in the second layer, I had to add at leastthe same amount of linseed oil, to make sure the new layer won't crack.

And for the first layer I covered the biggerareas and in the second layer I added details.

Water soluble oil paints should dry fasterthan traditional oils, but when you add linseed oil, it will slow down the drying time.

I was impressed with these colors.

I only used one yellow, one blue and whiteto mix all of the greens of the background.

Thank you for watching!.

Meant To Be Yours || Heathers animatic

All is forgiven baby! Come on, get dressed.

You're my date to the pep rally tonight! You chucked me out like I was trash For THAT you should be dead- But! But! But! Then it hit me like a flash.

What if highschool went away instead?! Those assholes are the key! They're keeping you away from me! They made you blind, messed up your mind But I can set you free! You left me and I fell apart I punched the wall and cried- BAM! BAM! BAM! Then I found you changed my heart And set loose all that truthful shit inside! And so I built a bomb! Tonight our school is Vietnam! Let's guarantee they never see their senior prom! I was meant to be yours! We were meant to be one! Don't give up on me now! Finish what we've begun! I was meant to be yours! So when the highschool gym goes BOOM! With everyone inside- PCHW! PCHW! PCHW! In the rubble of their tomb We'll plant this note explaining why they died! WE, THE STUDENTS OF WESTERBURG HIGH WILL DIE! OUR BURNT BODIES MAY FINALLY GET THROUGH TO YOU, YOUR SOCIETY CHURNS OUT SLAVES AND BLANKS NO THANKS.

SIGNED THE STUDENTS OF WESTERBURG HIGH GOODBYE! We'll watch the smoke poor out the doors Bring marshmallows, we'll make s'mores! We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars! I was meant to be yours! We were meant to be one! I can't make it alone! Finish what we've begun! You were meant to be mine! I am all that you need! You carved open my heart! CAN'T JUST LOVE ME TO BLEED! VERONICA!!! Open the – open the door please! Veronica open the door! Veronica, can we not fight anymore please Can we not fight anymore? Veronica sure you're scared, I've been there I can set you free! Veronica, don't make me come in there! I'm gonna count to three! ONE! TWO! F*CK IT! Oh my god.

! No.


Please don't leave me alone You were all I could trust I can't do this alone.

STILL I WILL IF I MUST!!! Veronica! I brought you a snack! Veronica? *scream* the end.