ColourArte – Scrappy Cat by Sandee Setliff

Drop 3 different colors on top of the stencil Then use a disposable plastic card to smooth them out across the stencil Don't waste any paint, spread out the excess onto an art journal page to use for another time.

Even muddy color are gorgeous with Vivid Metallics! Continue removing excess paint Add more paint if needed to fill in any uncovered spots Let dry completely before the next step Paint in the background The Shimmering H2O's have been soaking in water for about 10 minutes Completely cover the cat area with the H2O's, the Vivid Metallics will act as a resist You can see how the H2O's repeal away from the metallic paint and "puddle" on top Now use a dry brush to wick away the H2O's and wipe on a dry paper towel between each swipe to keep your brush dry Tip for outlining: Always pull your brush towards you Vivid Metallics are excellent for outlining since they are a fluid acrylic paint.

Add splatters of Shimmering H2O's to the background.

Let them dry and set up and then add colors on top.

Outline as desired.

Create "grounding" by adding lines so the cat isn't "floating in space" Next, add whimsy to the straight lines.

In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.

Gorgeous Dining Room Christmas Decorating

During the holidays, your living room maybe the star, but the dining room is where the conversation begins.

This Christmas, spendextra energy on the room where guests will be seated for hours.

[MUSIC] Create a centerpiecethat runs the length of a long table where everyone gets a festive view.

Start by cuttinga runner width piece of linen and laying it down the center of the table.

Next, scattergreenery sprigs and ornaments on top of the runner.

Then add a few clutches of paperwhitesand Hypericum berries in silver vases.

Finally, add a couple groupings of mercury glass candlestickholders.

The overall look is casual, long, low, and it won't block the view across thetable.

Combine heirloom or wedding china with contemporary glassware and flat ware, andsolid color napkins to create a festive up to date look.

Don't own china? Look to yourlocal thrift shops and antique malls to start your own mix collection.

You typically won'tfind whole sets, so create sheik sets thematically, such as all metallic, all blue and white,or all floral.

If you are hosting a big holiday party, consider putting the tree in the diningroom to create a focal point.

[MUSIC] Place the tree in front of a window, in the corner,or at the center end of the dining room.

Remove a chair if needed to provide adequate trafficflow.

Coordinate the decorations on the Christmas tree with the center piece, and wrap presentsin a restrained palette to keep attention on the table where the guests are.

Now youcan serve the big Christmas dinner in style, in a welcoming room that's decked out withgorgeous decor and holiday cheer.