Nail Art – Twilight Sparkle – My Little Pony Design

HI, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails.

and in this video, we are gonna do another My Little Pony and we are gonna do, Twilight Sparkle.

So i have already created a stiletto nail and i have created that in Warm Beige I am going to use Lust for Lilac, this is from the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish Range I'm going to cover all of the nail, and i'm gonna do two coats of this, and i will cure each layer I am gonna pop on some Purple Rain, glitter dust Only a little bit up in that corner and a little in this corner Gonna seal that with top and base, making sure i cap the edges Just gonna take off the sticky layer withe the gel residue wipe off solution So this nail is ready for paint, sometimes i matte it off, i'm just gonna paint straight on to it today some times i don't, I'm just gonna go straight for it today, to be honest i'm not matting it off because it's not extremely detailed I don't think it is anyway, so i'll be all gravy.

I'll be all gravy doing it this way.

Colours, Palette at the ready, so for Twilight Sparkle we need Violet, Lilac, White.

obviously, black and white, always need a bit of black an white when you're doing any kind of painting magenta ma[pping out the design again always do it, gotta do it, always map out the design with a wash just so you have the composition right, so you can fit everything on the nail, else it will all go wrong Face Round shape Little snout coming out Hair She has A fringe So i have just put on a base colour, we are obviously gonna have to put on another colour, because that is not opaque enough, clearly So we have got to wait for that to dry now, another layer, so we are gonna concentrate on her hair for a min The hair consists of a navy colour, some purple , some pink, so i am gonna put in the navy colour So i can do that while While the sort of base colour, for her Skin, fur what ever you wanna cll it so don't forget, no sort of detail at the minute basic shapes and a bit of basic filling singing do you know who sings that? Nope who is it then? Drake You don't know who Drake is? No Adam A Drake is a duck Who films, doesn't know who Drake is Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to educate this boy Right, now for the eye Mouth Nose While the eye starts to dry before i can put the detail on or anything like that, i need the paint to dry see I can't start putting detail on oir it'll all just squish noise i'm gonna put the cutie mark here So we have a pink star So we've got this pink star and we've got these little white bits coming off it, so what i am gonna do, is paint these little white bits first This will also help you map out where everything is gonna go So i am just gonna go from the middle and out So i am pressing on the brush lightly and then bringing it up, which will bring it to a point then it's also got some little white starry things around the outside aswell So we've got a purple iris NOw to do the shine in the eye Now i am gonna seal that with Top and Base It's gonna bring out all of the colours aswell this is Just gonna take the sticky layer off With the Gel Residue Wipe off Solution Gonna pop on Some cuticle oil Rub that in all around There you are, that's Twilight Sparkle all finished.

She's a bit crazy she is with that crazy hair do I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did don't forget to subscribe Give us a thumbs up and a like, don't forget to add us on INstagram and Facbook and i'll see you next time.