Gwen van den Bout – Conceptual art and design

I’m Gwen and my Urban Craft is creatingnarrative experiences.

The experience you get from my work goes beyondseeing.

It often address all the different senses.

You might taste or smell or touch an artworkand enjoy a tactile experience for instance.

To me, the most important thing is to create experiences for people.

When people visit an expo or enter a space,they should walk out differently than when they walked in.

It’s important to have them feel something, or go through something,or have them come to an understanding.

That is why my works never have a specificor intended purpose.

My work is born out of experiments.

It is very research-oriented.

I look for materials or techniques.

I see if I can develop new materials, and basedon these findings I start to create.

I wonder how I want to show and present an experience.

What do I need to communicate to the viewer? Right now, I present glass objects.

The idea came from my previous project called 'Being Unpolished' for which I also used glass.

It came spontaneously when I worked with mould techniques and making glass in ovens, which I find really interesting.

With every piece of art you make, you create a new work of art by using a certain technique.

On the one hand, I'm busy with my own work as in this exhibition where I present objects coming fromown fascination.

But I also accept commissioned work.

Festivals or events that want to offer a certain experience to the visitor.

The boundaries between commercial and independent work is what I find particularly interesting.

These areas come increasingly closer to each other and sometimes overlap.

I find this boundary super interesting because you can create an autonomous work in a commercial setting and vice versa.