Graphic Design & Entrepreneurship Tutorials: Life after art design school.

what's going on Liam'Zed the designerand in this video we're going to talk about life after design and art school.

So you're a graphic design graduate nowyou're into the big wide world and it's a little daunting your little nervousyou don't know what to do and where to go.

So in this video I'm going to giveyou some tips and tricks that helped me when from design student to designprofessional and just get me better prepared for the professional world andlife as we know it so check it out videos i tend to talkabout some of the techniques and skills I've learned in my professional careerto help get me to where I am today as a successful freelance graphic designerand I also go over some tips and skills to prepare you for some of the toughestquestions in the design world that you face as a newbie young student or evenveteran graphic designer and one of the toughest things is preparing yourselffor the next stage of life after design art school or college.

It's difficultit can be scary there's what's known as the postgraduate funk which is like kindof this depression froggy mood and you're just kind of at home eating icecream watching that flicks with no real clue to go and in this video I'm gonnahelp you get out of that I'm gonna help you get into the next stage of yourcareer this big bold and exciting career so one of the things i learned out ofDesign School was I'd be looking for jobs online and they would have a listjust a mile-long list expectations and people that they wanted from theircandidate and i thought i had to fulfill all of them i thought i needed to do allthis stuff i need to know all the HTML and that's not the case that's what's called the ideal candidate ok that's what they're looking for itdoesn't mean that's what they're going to get it just means that's what theywould look for in an ideal world ok so don't don't overwhelm yourself ifyou don't know every line of HTML or every in and out of motion graphics youcan learn you can learn on the job will train you on the job and you can in your own time so don't stress overthat ok and still apply still apply for those are the jobs that are coming upwhen you're searching for jobs still apply.

ok don't worry don't stress okay theother big delima is am I a freelancer or am I going to work in a nine-to-fiveor studio environment.

That also comes in time.

Some of the best ways that you cangrow as a designer's it is in a studio.

learning the business learning the insand outs seeing what clients want, seeing what an art director does.

Working asa part of a team.

But that isn't necessarily to say that you shouldn't bea freelancer either because maybe that's what you want.

maybe you do want to have that wholeexcitement of not knowing where your your next job is coming from andbuilding out a successful business in that case you might need more school tolearn design management skills are you you might need to learn some businessskills from online tutorials and you might be watching people like me who'vebeen in the industry for a while who have some tips and tricks to show youthe the reality is it's it's a big wide world out there so don't be scared you're fine i like everybody else out ofdesign and art school so don't feel overwhelmed ok the next thing is foundthat when you're in design school you have this notion of how the industry isyou have this perceived idea of this is how the design world works and I'm readyfor it and then you get in there maybe you did a co-op for an internship and ifthey hired you great if they didn't hire you then you know you're you're you'relooking for a job and you started to see okay maybe this idea of how the designworld works isn't what I thought it was maybe it isn't maybe it isn't this way maybe it's adifferent way or or maybe it's more than what I thought it was so your perceptionstarts changing and that's also really normal because that just means you'regrowing you're growing as a designer and you're growing as an artist and you'regrowing as a young professional and that's ok that's all fine that's allnormal there's nothing wrong with you ok so the other thing is that you startto see and realize is that when you're a designer and if you'refreelance designer you have a lot of people asking for free work or devaluingyour skills and your starting to get desperate because you want money so youstart taking those jobs and don't take those jobs don't take those jobs betterjobs are going to come better clients are going to come just be patient andbecome because when you start taking those rush to the bottom jobs you'redevaluing yourself you're devaluing their skills and you start losingconfidence in your job and who you are as a professional you think okay I justgot to keep undercharging because that's the only way I'm gonna make money or ifi charge people what I'm actually worth no one's gonna want to buy my skills orno one's going to want to hire me don't think that way never think thatway because there's always a market for the skills you're offering check outsome of my other videos where I go over pricing strategy getting a stablepaycheck as a freelance designer and charging for your skills and findingclients and that will help put some of those fears to rest but you're fine okaythis is the key of this video find your exactly where every other student out ofart school in design school is and that's what's most important ok and this is just a one giant learningcurve you're on in order to build your professional career ok the other thing is why don't you tryand find people who are in your industry to discover what it is your passion thegraphic design is a big broad industry there's there's a lot of differentaspects too graphic design and brand managing and stuff like that so if youknow someone or a professor or a friend who were who's been in the field alittle bit longer than your pick their brain a little bit about some of thepitfalls that they've discovered some of the challenges some of the successes butthey love what they hate so that you can get a better understanding of where itis you're going in your own professional career now that you've graduated schoolyou know it's perfectly common in graphic designers and design studentsthat once you've finished your school and your in your academic career to feellost in a bit out at sea I mean that's the same for anybody who's it goingunder a major change in their life be a professional personal so you're notreally in a box here you're not really alone inthis it's very common but you need to learn the skills to get yourself out ofthat box and into the professional world and that that comes with time that comeswith time trust me and learning but the other thing comes with learning maybeyou do need to go back to school maybe you want to specialize in something thatyour course didn't cover that's fine that's ok maybe take a design managementcourse I myself study visual effects after college and university III had areally weird academic journey ended up going to business school for a while Istudied advertising and marketing accounts management media sales I hatedit i went back to school again I study design and so I had kind of the skillsin order to manage my own career effectively in that way but I was stilllost i was still out at sea I still don't know what i want to do so i wentto more school which is kind of the cycle you get into for a little bit andthen eventually I was able to build my client base and that will come with youto it comes in time but you need to keep learning and keep progressing you gottakeep putting yourself out there on a date today level because nothing's goingto come from sitting at home binge-watching whatever on netflix andeating junk food you need to get out there and that takes time so maybe justdo artwork every day in order to keep that creative muscles moving andeventually you'll find a job or eventually you'll start landing andclient and eventually you'll start getting paid what you're worth ok but it takes time and that's allcommon out of college night school like I've been saying throughout the sort ofcalled college or school you have career centers at your school you have alumninetwork give all this stuff but what's important is that you keep going keepbuilding momentum in yourself and that takes time I myself watch a motivationalvideo everyday and before I start making cold calls and connecting with olderclients and going to meet new clients because that's that's that's what's keythat's what's important to keep getting the information you need stay calm stay motivated keep goingyou're on the right path the worst thing you can do is stay stuckin the funk because then you won't go anywhere youneed to pull yourself out of that and pull yourself out of that is realdifficult but you can do it because we've all been there we've all beendesigned students we've all been art students maybe you need to take apart-time job for a little while at a cafe or you know doing something youmight not necessarily be 100-percent passionate about you know but you justuse that to pay the bills you still look for jobs is still lookfor freelance opportunities until you get to a point of stability and then youcan leave that part time job and jump into your new career it's ok it's a building block life is ajourney and all that fun stuff so just be patient with yourself be gentle withyourself push yourself and kind of just step bystep day by day set some goals set some creative accomplishment set someprojects for yourself so that you can keep the momentum of college life andthe structure it provided you going and eventually you'll get your careereventually you'll get your client and eventually you'll find your place in theprofessional world I'm leaves at the designer check outsome of my other videos if you have questions or comments leave them belowas always if you do have a question and enough people are interested in it iwill obviously do a video.

I'm here to help you guys thanks.