Design Festa – Japan’s Largest Art and Design Event

(energetic music) – So we are right now infront of Tokyo Big Sight and it is Japan's largestconvention and exhibition center.

And what are we here for today, Chris? – We're here to see Design Festa, which is Asia's largest art festival.

– Wow, I'm looking forward to seeing all the creative stuff inside.

Is it your first time here? – It's my third time, actually.

– Third time, wow.

– How many times have you been? – It's actually my first time here, so I'm gonna leave allthe guiding to you today.

– Well, you have a treat in store.

– Okay.

I'm looking forward to what'sinside, so shall we go? – Let's go! – [Angela] Toyko Big Sightis always packed with different events throughout the whole year and today, we will checkout the Design Festa event.

When you enter, you canpurchase your day pass at the ticket box for only 1,000 yen.

There are a lot of people, so it may help to come a bit earlier.

Also, grab a pamphlet soyou don't get lost inside.

And before we go inside, let's hear about thisevent from the staff.

– [Angela] So let's start off by checking out the student zone.

When you first walk in, youwill see a lot of booths and students showingoff their creativeness in all sorts of ways, whether it's drawing or selling products that they have made themselves.

So let's go and hear some of the students' voices.

– Wow, look at this one behind me! It looks really interesting.

– So, are you guys friends,university students? – No, I'm not a universitystudent, I'm in the high school.

– [Chris] Oh, you're high school? – Yeah, I'm still 16.

We're in the same art club.

We're in the same school.

So, me and my friends our four just bring our artwork here.

– [Chris] This is a character of yours? – [Student] Yes.

– [Chris] What's his name? – [Student] It doesn't have a real name, but we just call him oyaji.

(student laughs)- Oyaji, nice.

– [Student] This is kindof like a new style.

Mainly we just draw these girls.

Also, there's other, like, many artists at this event, so we just like to meet other people and see more of the artwork, so it's gonna influence us.

So that's gonna be a very good experience.

– [Angela] So, anothermain thing you want to see at the Design Festa isthese live paintings, where people paint right in front of you.

(happy music) What have you found, Chris? – So, this says (speaks Japanese), which means lavender puke.

– [Angela] Wow, that's interesting.

Let's go see what it is about.

– [Angela] They alsohave stage performances, so don't miss that out.

(happy music) Now let's go in the Design Festa area.

There are many exhibitorsselling things they make here, from accessories to crafts to figurines.

– We found these interesting mugs, very beautiful mugswith these big handles.

It's just really ergonomic.

It's really light, really easy to hold.

– So there's just lots of these interesting things around, if you just walk around you're bound to find something you like, find something that interests you.

– It's a snapshot ofyoung, Japanese creativity.

Just all kinds of quirky,interesting stuff.

So, one thing that really strikes me is just the amount ofanimals you see here.


This is just cats.

I think we've seen about five, at least, just doing cats.

Then you've got places just doing dogs.

Then you've got places doinga whole variety of animals.

Japan does animals.

That's a strong theme thatwe've identified today.

– [Angela] You willalso notice many people in interesting costumes walking around, and it's just a really fun event, and you can see all different types of creativity andartwork, all in one place.

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