College of Architecture, Art and Design | Mississippi State University

(upbeat harmonious music) This is a place where I've discovered more about myself than anywhere else.

I'm learning what it means to create, to design and to make in ways that are inspiring, responsible and professional.

(upbeat music) Through making and evaluating things that are, students learn how to make architectural proposals for things that could be.

(upbeat music) It's really opened my eyes.

I see the world differently now.

I've been able to express my thoughts and my emotions in ways I didn't know I could.

(upbeat music) Learning from faculty who challenge me to do more, to think it through, to be a better artist.

(gentler music) I've discovered ways to integrate my style and influences with the needs of others to create spaces that are functional and unique.

(upbeat music) The program has allowed me to bridge the gap between design and constructing.

I feel as if I can build things better, more efficiently, with sustainability in mind.

(upbeat music) Our community design centers have given me the opportunity to go places I never thought I would go.

And I've helped others rebuild their lives.

It's impacting me more than I ever thought.

(upbeat music) The opportunities I have here, the faculty, the facilities, the friends I've made, this is where I'm supposed to be.

(upbeat music).